Belle & Whistles

Haven't checked in in a while, probably because I've been busy as {expletive}! 

Between moving home from Kansas, starting a business, buying and renovating a house, and getting married at the end of the month, I've been quite busy to say the very least. In midst of all of the confusion, I've been trying to fulfill as many orders as I can, and as quickly as I can while still keeping all of my other obligations in tact (I will cry actual tears of joy when my wedding is over, but I digress). Several requests I've had to decline, which is something that I'm both grateful and disappointed to say. Disappointed because I hate to turn business away, especially as a new business owner, but I'm much more grateful because I've been fortunate enough to visualize this "maybe it will work" hobby, to a possible jobby. 

Long story short, during my absence I've created: Customized first birthday invitations, personalized wall decor, my own Halloween-inspired wedding invitation suite (more on that later), and several business logos, including my own.

I was contacted by Nikki Marks, a fellow Norwin Knight, with requests of a logo facelift for her up and coming 'Belle & Whistles.' Belle & Whistles is geared toward the sports-loving universe. It's an outlet to share sporting events, ideas, news, and banter. But more importantly, Belle & Whistles is an outlet to prove that girls love sports too. As a total Yinzer-loving, female sports fan myself, I was undoubtedly on board.

Nikki wanted something clean and simple, with a delicate balance of both masculine and feminine undertones. Working alongside Nikki, we brainstormed, designed, created, and tweaked the design to the final look as seen below. 

Nikki is a small business owner who understands the highs and lows of being a small fish in a big pond, and supports other small businesses like myself for that reason.  Her sports commentary is hilarious, her ideas for the female sports fans are spot-on, and her Etsy Store (BelleAndWhistlesCO), is currently on fire. Stay tuned for her warm weather gear and options for MEN coming this week!